Couples in Love….Couples in Anger….

Most relationships begin with that elated feeling, we think WOW, I finally met my soul mate or “This is the person I can really spend the rest of my life with”.  They possess all those valued qualities that we desire, “kind”, “caring”, “smart”, “attentive”, “fun”, “active”, “not active”, “honest, trusting and giving.  But isn’t that what we show and see when we initially meet someone … Continue reading Couples in Love….Couples in Anger….

New Year, New Mind

– Mental Health Resolutions for 2018 – In making your New Year’s resolution make a list of ways to transform your mind so your emotions are aligned with a healthy jump start for the New Year. Here are a few suggestions: Create and practice positive statements you can say to yourself, and don’t just say them when you are upset or stressed, tell yourself every … Continue reading New Year, New Mind

Three ways marriage/couples counseling can be helpful!

Some of the fears that people have with couples or marriage counseling is “What if we find out we don’t want to be together?”, which is a realistic thought but you shouldn’t let it worry you unless you are going to counseling to justify packing your bags and hitting the road.  Sometimes that may be a healthy solution to your woes, but if you are … Continue reading Three ways marriage/couples counseling can be helpful!

How do I help my Child ?

Identifying and accepting that your child or adolescent may be experiencing a mental health issue is not like rolling over in a bed of flowers and smelling the sweet aroma.   A parent may experience denial, confusion, disbelief and possibly anger.   Questions of why? and how did this happen?,  can plague your mind.  Deciding to seek help can often be a pain staking task that you … Continue reading How do I help my Child ?